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Learn all the basics you need in order to start programming autonomous drones.

About this Course

In this Course, you are going to learn all the basics you need in order to start programming autonomous drones using Robot Operating System (ROS).

You will learn through hands on experience from day one! You will be using the Parrot AR Drone in different environments.

What You Will Learn

✓ Basic Control of a drone
✓ Drone exploration
✓ Drone Navigation
✓ Simulation In The Loop

8 hours

Robots used in this course:

- Parrot AR Drone
- Hector Quadrotor

Learning Path
Unit 1

Introduction to the Course

A brief introduction to the Course, including a demo.
 (01:00 Hands on training)

Unit 2

Basic Control of a drone

Basic Control of a Drone: Learn the basic concepts of how to control a drone, pilot a drone and create basic trajectories
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 3

PTAM-based visual navigation

Drone Exploration: Learn how to use the tum_ardrone package in order to perform PTAM-based visual navigation with the Parrot AR.Drone

In this unit, you are going to see some very interesting tools that will allow you to explore unknown environments with your drone, using a camera-based SLAM.
(03:00 Hands on training)

Unit 4

Adapting the PTAM system for other drones

Learn how to adapt the tum_ardrone for package for using it with different drones

In this unit, you are going to see how you can adapt the camera-based SLAM system you saw in the previous unit, which was created for the Parrot AR Drone, to another drone.
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 5

Drone Navigation with MoveIt!

Learn how you can perform Drone Navigation using MoveIt.
(03:00 Hands on training)