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Robot Creation with URDF ROS

Learn how to create the URDF files to control your robot with ROS

About the Course

In this course you will learn how to go from a physical robot or even a robot drawing to a full fledged simulation with physics, actuators and sensors.

For this, you will learn how to create a file that defines your robot in the Gazebo-ROS ecosystem. In this file, you will define weights, inertias, joints, links, sensor plugins, and all that is needed to simulate a robot.

These files are called URDF files. They are based on XML language, so it's simple to grasp.

What you will learn

You will have to create three different robots, with different dynamics, design, controls, and sensors. Through these exercises, you will learn:

1. How to import your 3D models so that they are in the correct format: Some tips and tricks to make that transition easier.

2. Creating a Visual Model of the robot in URDF: No physics and no sensors. Just the links, joints, and 3D models.

3. Adding it to the Gazebo simulator: How to add all the physics so that your URDF can be simulated.

4. Adding Sensors: How to add some basic sensors like cameras and imus. How to go from a monolithic URDF file to the XACROS file system. This will make URDFs much simpler and more flexible towards changes.

24 hours

Robots used in this course:

- Mira
- Gurdy

Learning Path
Unit 1

URDF Intro

Introduction with demo
 (00:05 Hands on training)

Why you need to simulate robots
 (00:02 Hands on training)

How you will learn about URDF files
 (00:02 Hands on training)

 (00:02 Hands on training)

Special Thanks
 (00:01 Hands on training)

Unit 2

Creating the Visual Robot Model with URDF

(00:02 Hands on training)

Learn how to use the URDF creation tools and the creation procedure
(00:05 Hands on training)

Links and Joints
(00:05 Hands on training)

See the URDF
(01:00 Hands on training)

Learn about the morphology of your robot
(02:00 Hands on training)

Learn how to import your 3D CAD models to Gazebo
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 3

Adapt URDF for Gazebo Simulator

Add Collisions
(00:10 Hands on training)

Spawn a robot in Gazebo Through URDF Files
(00:30 Hands on training)

Add Inertias
(01:00 Hands on training)

Add controllers
(02:30 Hands on training)

Adding Sensors
(00:10 Hands on training)

Unit 4


Create the Gurdy Robot
(04:00 Hands on training)

Unit 5

XACRO files

Basics on using XACRO
(00:10 Hands on training)

Create your own XACRO
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 6

Micro Project: Create your own Jibo

Instructions and the Project itself
(08:00 Hands on training)

Unit 7

What to do next

Keep Learning
(00:10 Hands on training)