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Robot Creation

Your First Robot with ROS

Creating your first ROS based Robot from Scratch

Course Overview

Within this course you are going to go through the whole process of mounting the robot, creating a simulation for the robot so that you can test your ROS programs there, building all the controllers for the robot, and finally, getting it to autonomously navigate using ROS tools.

Unit 1

Introduction: Build Your First Robot with ROS

Demo: Using a simple Line Following Algorithm

Unit 2

Build Your Physical Robot from Zero!

You are going to see step by step how to mount the 2 wheeled robot

2- Building the physical robot from zero

Unit 3

Create the Simulation for Your Robot

Test everything you want in the simulated environment, without worrying about damaging anything on the real robot.

Unit 4

Connect Simulation to Physical Robot

Learn how to connect the simulation to your real robot, both using an Ethernet wire and setting up the WIFI.

4- Connect Simulation to Physical Robot

Unit 5

Creating the Motor Drivers

Learn how to create the motor drivers that will interact with the real robot, in order to be able to drive it.

5- create motor drivers for robot

Unit 6

Autonomous Navigation (Line following)

Learn how to start using the most basic & also the most powerful tool for perception in ROS: OpenCV.

6- Robot Autonomous Navigation line following

Unit 7

Autonomous Navigation (ORB SLAM)

Learn how to use the ORB-SLAM2 approach, which will allow you to perform SLAM on your robot by just using an RGB camera.

7- Robot Autonomous Navigation ORB SLAM

Unit 8

Apply Deep Learning to Robot

Learn how to train the robot by using OpenAI_ROS. Our goal will be getting the robot to learn how to follow the lane(s) detected from the image stream from its camera using Deep Reinforcement Learning.


What You Will Learn

How to build a robot with a camera sensor & Raspberry Pi

How to communicate with the robot

How to build a gazebo simulation

How to apply deep learning trainings to your robot

How to control the two-wheeled robot

How to navigate with the two-wheeled robot

Build Your First Robot Today