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Robot Creation

Building and ROSifying a Robot from Scratch

Follow the whole process of building a robot from scratch, and adding ROS to it.

Course Overview

Within this course you are going to go through the whole process of mounting the robot, creating a simulation for the robot so that you can test your ROS programs there, building all the controllers for the robot, and finally, getting it to autonomously navigate using ROS tools.

What You Will Learn

Build a Basic 2-Wheeled Robot with a Camera Sensor and Raspberry Pi

How to Communicate with the Robot (via WiFi and Ethernet)

Build a Gazebo Simulation of the 2-Wheeled Robot

Control the 2-Wheeled Robot (Create the Drivers)

Navigate with the 2-Wheeled Robot (OpenCV)

Apply Deep Learning Trainings to our 2-Wheeled Robot (openai_ros package)

You are going to program the following robots:

Simulated RIABot

Simulated RIABot

Real RIABot

Real RIABot

Learning Path
Unit 1

Introduction to the Course

Unit 2

Building the physical robot

Unit 3

Creating a simulation of the robot

Unit 4

Connecting to the physical robot (Ethernet and WiFi)

Unit 5

Creating the motor drivers

Unit 6

Autonomous Navigation (Line following)

Unit 6

Autonomous Navigation (ORB SLAM)

Unit 8

Applying Deep Learning to our robot

Unit 9

Final Recommendations