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Python for Robotics

Master the basics of Python for robot programming

Interactive Course     ·     Includes Exercises & Projects      ·     NO Previous Knowledge Required

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Course Overview

Learn Python Robotics - Full Course for Beginners

Python is the best get-started language for new robotics developers, and it is one of the main programming languages in ROS.

However, many robotics developers do not know the basics of Python, and how to get started with Python for robotics. You are lost in a variety of tutorials and general Python courses everywhere.

Don't panic! This is your course, a full fundamental Python course designed for Robotics!

What You Will Learn

Get Python ready for your robotics developers journey!

Introduction to Python for Robotics

Introduction to Python for Robotics

Why Python for Robotics?

Basics Concepts

Basics Concepts

Start learning the core concepts you need to know before being able to create more complex Python programs.

Conditional statements & loops

Conditional statements & loops

You are going to learn some more advanced tools that are going to allow you to create more complex and interesting programs.



Start learning more advanced tools that are going to allow you to create more complex and interesting programs.

Python Classes and OOP

Python Classes and OOP

Learn how to apply object oriented programming & Python classes to your ROS code.

Learn by Practicing

Learn by Practicing

Apply all the knowledge you have learned into a micro project. You will use a TurtleBot robot in this project.

Robot Simulations Used in This Course

Programming Robots with Python. You will learn Python for Robotics through hands-on experience from day one!


Summit-XL Robot