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R O B O T   I G N I T E   A C A D E M Y

Learning ROS Starts Here

An Online Platform to Learn ROS by Programming Online Simulated Robots. Anything about ROS Is Here.

ROBOT IGNITE ACADEMY contains a series of online ROS tutorials tied to online simulations, giving you the tools and knowledge to understand and create any ROS based robotics development.

Everything You Need to Learn ROS is Here

Easy way to learn ROS fast with the integrated learning platform


An unique method to help you learn Robot Operating System effortless


We have identified the important parts of ROS that you must master in order to understand 80% of ROS programs. You will concentrate on learning these parts very deep.


We have removed things that are not needed, not required installation, compilation, specific computer...all you need is only a browser and focus on prepared courses.


We guide you step by step in a progressive manner through all those important parts, starting always from a robot that does things.


We make you practice a lot on every step, always on a robot using our simulated robots.


Program any robot in the world


Learn Robotics using real simulated robots


Only need a web browser.
No installation required.


Learn Robotics in 5 days=20hours

What You Will Learn

Master the latest Robotics topics in a simple way

What Our Users Think Of Us

Salem AlMarri

Member of Emirates Robotics Club
"The guide is clear for learning unlike the guide found in ROS Wiki (80% of effort is spent on installing the system rather than learning it). The platform teaches how to use the tools, and the importance of each tool to construct a knowledge base that would allow me to go on my own afterwards. "

Guillermo Castillo

Master Student of Electrical Engineering
"Everything included in only one place. It is really convenient to have access to the linux shell, python IDE and the simulation environment in the same window. Also, the tutorials are really useful which go direct to the important things and give you the opportunity to practice everything as you learn it. Congratulation for your great work!"


"I started learning ROS from books before using Robot Ignite Academy, and the content and the way of moving through ROS topics here is brilliant. Robot Ignite Academy will be the destination for all ROS learners, Happy to contribute to this Academy."

Kai E

ROS Student
"I like about the approach that there is a notebook-style text that I can follow with examples in between. Just follow small steps and immediately see the results. Using the integrated web platform is convenient and I also like that the platform have several and more in-depth ROS courses on offer.

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