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  What is all about The Humanoids Sumo Challenge is a worldwide contest created by The Construct and Cyberbotics. It consists of two simulated Darwin Humanoid robots that must fight against other in a simulated sumo dojo. Participants, must build a controller for their robot which should try to knock out the other robot or take it out

The Robot Race To Hawaii Contest

Saturday, 21 November 2015 by

The Robot Race to Hawaii Contest is a robotics contest were participants have to program a humanoid Nao robot to make it run the 10 meters race in the shortest amount of time possible. The whole competition is run in a Webots simulation which is run inside The Construct, the platform that hosts the competition.

Humanoids in the New Media Age 2015

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 by

Last week, the Humanoids 2015 was held in Seoul, Korea. It was the first Humanoids conference after the finals of the Darpa Robotics Challenge (DRC), and was hold at the winners country, the Team KAIST. Hence it was no surprise that the whole conference contained several activities related to that challenge, specially, demos of the

This post contains all the information you need to know to participate at the Robot Race to Hawaii Contest. This contest is about programming a simulated Nao robot to make the 10 meters race as fast as possible. The Nao robot is within a provided Webots simulation, and the controller must be written in Python

Remote Pair Simulating means that you simulate with your peers, wherever they are located, AT THE SAME TIME, on THE SAME SIMULATION. Inside The Construct, a Remote Pair Simulation is called a Shared simulation. You can share simulations easily with your peers and work all of you on it at the same time. This way of working is