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  Robotnik is a company that sells service robots and robot applications. Main products include mobile bases of different types and mobile manipulators, all of them working under the ROS framework. They are also the creators of ROS Components, a shop that sells robot parts which are certified to work with ROS off-the-shelf (ROS plug-and-play).

ROS Package Testing [Part 1]

Monday, 21 August 2017 by

Hello Developer! In the last years, unit testing has become more popular in a lot of programming languages. It’s a very useful practice to any kind of program or project. The problem is “How do I start testing?”. If you have already a project that has not being tested from it’s beginning, it becomes hard


Are you having problems to make your robot navigate because of the kind of data you have to treat? It’s very common to get stuck when we have to work with quaternions, instead of RPY angles. Quaternions are used in robotics to represent the rotation, in 3 axis, of a rigid body in respect with


If you are a Robotics Teacher and want to teach ROS effectively, you definitely should try the Robot Ignite Academy platform. Since you can teach many students, today we will show you how to manage multi licenses. Once logged in, you just click on the Manage Licenses button as shown on the image below, in


The ROS Ambassadors Program is a program created by The Construct to spread ROS knowledge worldwide. The program consists of holding MeetUps around the world that teach the locals about ROS. Anybody can be a ROS Ambassador As a ROS Ambassador, you will have to hold a 1 hour long MeetUp at your location once