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If you are a Robotics Teacher and want to teach ROS effectively, you definitely should try the Robot Ignite Academy platform. Since you can teach many students, today we will show you how to manage multi licenses. Once logged in, you just click on the Manage Licenses button as shown on the image below, in


The ROS Ambassadors Program is a program created by The Construct to spread ROS knowledge worldwide. The program consists of holding MeetUps around the world that teach the locals about ROS. Anybody can be a ROS Ambassador As a ROS Ambassador, you will have to hold a 1 hour long MeetUp at your location once


ROS is a common robot software platform which intents to integrate the world’s robotics research energy, and is completely open source. Anyone could just install ROS and immediately get access to all the resources that ROS integrates. Over the several years, ROS is growing faster than ever. It can be used not only in the


   Lecturer Steffen Pfiffner of University of Weingarten in Germany is teaching ROS to 26 students at the same time at a very fast pace. His students, all of them within the Master on Computer Science of University of Weingarten, use only a web browser. They connect to a web page containing the lessons, a ROS development