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ROS Development Studio Image

  Are you interested in sharing your robot simulations with other people? Would you like to have them used by many people? Then the best thing you can do is to have it available in RDS! The ROS Development Studio (RDS), is a web and cloud based application where you can simulate and develop ROS

Robot training to navigate through an environment with obstacles

Imagine how easy it would be to learn skating, if only it doesn’t hurt everytime you fall. Unfortunately, we, humans,  don’t have that option. Robots, however, can now “learn” their skills on a simulation platform without being afraid of crashing into a wall. Yes, “it learns“! This is possible with the reinforcement learning algorithms provided by

Shadow's Smart Grasping Sandbox simulation

Would you like to make a robot to grasp something, but you think that is impossible to you just because you can’t buy a robot arm? I’m here to tell that you can definitely achieve this without buying a real robot. How is that possible? The Smart Grasping Sandbox built by Shadow Robotics is now

Screenshot from 2016-02-19 11:29:27

This is the second robot in a row that we are presenting for easy simulation inside The Construct. Husky robot is a wheeled robot created by Clearpath Robotics for all terrain and comes with different configurations. We have included this robot in our list of easy launches. Hence, in order to simulate the robot you only

Screenshot from 2015-12-28 12:24:20

Many people requests us to explain how to launch Tiago robot from Pal Robotics into The Construct. Actually there is a very easy way of doing it, and, thanks to Jordi Pagés from Pal Robotics and José Capriles from The Construct, it is even possible to have Tiago grasping and navigating along a home with