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In this episode, Mika Barkan talks about her experience teaching ROS to undergraduated students at Bar-Ilan University from Israel. She will explain some problems she is facing: What is she teaching How her students install ROS in their computers Why she doesn’t uses real robots for teaching ROS What are the limitations she is facing

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In this episode, HaoChih uses ROS 2 and DDS to create IoT products based on ROS 2 while working at ADLink Technology. He will explain some solutions he has been creating while at ADLink like: * Adlink_DDS bot * Adlink Neuron bot system How they use DDS and ROS 2 for ARM based robotic solutions.

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In this episode we talk with May Zheng from chinese company Gaitech. She will explain us: – Is a very good moment now to sell ROS based products in Asia? How to start doing it? – What are the main problems of selling ROS based products in China – Which is the biggest market now

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  In this episode, we talk about how Peter is using ROS to create rescue robots that win robotics contests. He will explain what are the current limitiations of rescue robots and why they need a human pilot to drive them. He will also explain how they are doing the pilot interface using ROS. Additionally

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  In this podcast we are going to learn how to integrate MATLAB code with ROS code to provide access to your robot to powerful mathematical libraries. Included in the podcast: What is MATLAB and Simulink What is the idea behind usingMATLAB with ROS How does MATLAB provide support for ROS What is the difference

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