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About: In this video we’re going to check the following question found on the ROS Answers forum: RELATED ROS RESOURCES&LINKS: ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) —▸ Robot Ignite Academy –▸ — Feedback — Did you like this video? Do you have questions about what is explained? Whatever the case, please leave a comment

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Should I learn ROS with Python or with C++

This is a question that I get asked all the time: “Do you recommend me to learn ROS with C++  or Python?” As you may know, you can create ROS programs mainly in two programming languages: Python and C++. There are other languages available like Swift, Lisp or others, but those are not fully supported.

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Build the Structure of a ROS RaspBerry Pi Robot

Welcome to Morpheus-Chair, the program where you will learn how to build a ROS RaspBerry Pi Robot to be used as a foundation to learn all there is in this fascinating world of Robotics. In this first video, we introduce the video series and teach you how to assemble the chassis step-by-step. BOM: Magician Chassis:

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ROSDS Docs – ROSject workspaces

Friday, 25 January 2019 by

ROSject workspaces Every ROSject created in ROSDS contains from the beginning 2 workspaces pre-configured in the user home folder. These 2 workspaces inherit another workspace, which contains all the simulations TheConstruct provides, which is called the Public Simulation Workspace (public_sim_ws). Finally, this simulations workspace inherit only the ROS distribution installed. It may vary depending on the

About: In this video we’re going to show you how to make sure that the messages sent by the ROS Publisher are received by the Subscriber in order to avoid loosing any message. Original Question: RELATED ROS RESOURCES&LINKS: ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) —▸ Robot Ignite Academy –▸ — Feedback — Did you

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