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Pan & Tilt Gazebo Simulation

About In this video you will learn: How to create a Pan & Tilt Gazebo simulation How to connect it to previous real robot server List of materials ROSject Git of Pan And Tilt Project Pand&Tilt HAT fro Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 3B SD Card Plug with button Camera Related courses & tutorials Video Tutorials

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Obstacle Avoidance In this tutorial, we will learn what is an obstacle avoidance algorithm and how it works. Let’s go! STEP 1 First thing, let’s open our ROSject finished in the previous post. If you don’t have it, just copy my own version from here: I start launching the new world (with obstacles) we created

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Create ROS Server to Access Pan & Tilt

About Learn how to create a ROS node server and some custom messages to access the real Pan & Tilt. This way any ROS program will be able to access the Pan & Tilt and will serve as the base for creating a simulation in the next video. Git of Pan And Tilt Project List

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Laser Scan Reading

Hello ROS Developers! In this post, we summarize the video – Exploring ROS using a 2 Wheeled Robot ep. 4, where we start using the Laser Scan data. Let’s start! First thing, let’s open our ROSject finished with the previous post. We had some minor adjustments (in order to calibrate the robot and fix some minor

Unable to use data received in callback function

About: In the video of today, we are going to be checking the following Question I found in the ROS Answers forum: 🔴 Subscribe for more free ROS learning: RELATED ROS RESOURCES&LINKS: ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) —▸ Robot Ignite Academy –▸ — Feedback — Did you like this video? Do you

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