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I have been working with ROS since the release of C Turtle, back in 2010 when I started to apply it to the navigation system of humanoid robots. Along this time, I have witnessed how ROS has matured and how the whole ecosystem of ROS was built. I have attended many conferences of robotics in

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Hello ROS Developers! In this post, we will see what the ROS_MASTER_URI is in just 5 minutes. We’ll see what it represents and how we use it in the entire ROS system. Let’s go! Step 1: Setup your development environment To follow this post, you need a computer with ROS already installed. There are three options,

About: In the video of today, we are going to see how to easily create a map of an indoor environment using a drone and the gmapping package from the Navigation Stack. 🔴 Subscribe for more free ROS learning: RELATED ROS RESOURCES&LINKS: ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) —▸ Robot Ignite Academy –▸ ROSject

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About: In this extra video, we run the first AgentSmith Awards and show you how to connect in less than 5minutes to the Robots ROS system with ROS Development Studio, with just a few clicks. ———————————————————————– Chris Macier Facebook: SmithAgent Model: If you have been awarded one you have the right to print it

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