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Explore the basics of robot modeling using the URDF

Hello ROS Developers! In this post, we start summarizing our YouTube video series called “Exploring ROS with a 2 wheeled Robot”. That’s the part #01 and we hope to help you learning this amazing content by another media, our blog posts. Let’s start! First of all, this project was created to help ROS beginners to understand

Cloud robotics development for service robots

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A set of students learning robotics with ROS

Teaching Robotics With ROS

Thursday, 22 November 2018 by

  A couple of months ago I interviewed Joel Esposito about the state of robotics education for the ROS Developers Podcast #21 (Joel Esposito is a Professor in the System Engineering Department at the United States Naval Academy). On that podcast, Joel talks about his deep research on how robotics is taught around the world. He identifies a

Simulations Are The Key To Intelligent Robots

I read an article entitled Games Hold the Key to Teaching Artificial Intelligent Systems, by Danny Vena, in which the author states that computer games like Minecraft, Civilization, and Grand Theft Auto have been used to train intelligent systems to perform better in visual learning, understand language, and collaborate with humans. The author concludes that


  Developers, developers, developers… Robotics needs software engineers and software developers in general. A lot of them. This article is for those software developers that never considered about programming for robots. We are going to see some reasons why to become a developer for robotics, what would that entail for you and how you can

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