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  Developers, developers, developers… Robotics needs software engineers and software developers in general. A lot of them. This article is for those software developers that never considered about programming for robots. We are going to see some reasons why to become a developer for robotics, what would that entail for you and how you can

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Getting Started This is a quick guide on how get your Raspberry Pi up and running to start your first steps into robotics with ROS. This guide is a compilation of methods described by other people so please do check out the links if you need more detailed explanations. In this guide you are going

ROS robotics standard

  Last week I was talking to one lead engineer of a Singapore company which is building a benchmarking system for robot solutions. Having seen my presentation at ROSCON2016 about robot benchmarking, he asked me how would I benchmark solutions that are non-ROS compatible. I said that I wouldn’t. I would not dedicate time to benchmark solutions

RDS Public Simulation List

Navigation is one of the challenging tasks in robotics. It’s not a simple task. To reach a goal or follow a trajectory, the robot must know the environment using and localize itself through sensors and a map. But when we have a robot that has this information already, it’s possible to start navigating, defining points

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  What if you could program your ROS based robots from any type of computer? What if you could test your ROS programs on a robot simulation prior to send to the real robot? What if you could perform all those actions from a web browser without having to install or prepare anything? Welcome to the ROS