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Dirk Thomas talks about ROS 2 for the ROS Developers Podcast

In this episode I talk to Dirk Thomas about ROS 2 and some other details about development tools of ROS 1. He will explain about: Why roscd bring us to the devel directory instead of to the compilation directory. Why they decided to change from rosbuild to catkin_make What can be used ROS buildfarm for

Building robotics products using ROS with David Crawley

In this episode I talk to David Crawley founder of Ubiquity Robotics. He will explain about the idea of using built robots for building more complex robotics products and applications. He will also explain about: What their robotics platform provides off-the-shelf, in terms of hardware and software Their own ROS distribution for Raspberry Pi Their already

Florian Lier talks about Pepper robot with ROS for Robocup

In this episode I talk to Florian Lier about what his team ToBI is doing to program Pepper the robot for the Robocup@Home competition. We will explain the whole architecture they are using to program Pepper with ROS for the competition including: In which computer to run which code ROS wrappers for NaoQi How to

Louise Poubel from the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) answers questions about Gazebo simulator

In this episode I talk to one of the main developers of the Gazebo simulator: Louise Poubel. She tells us about the ins and outs of Gazebo, how do they organize at OSRF to develop the simulator, why to discard Gazebo 2 and how to install the newest versions. She will also clarify us what

ROSbots robots with Jack Pien

In this episode, Jack Pien will talk about how to use accessible robots based on ROS and OpenCV to learn robotics. Those robots are called ROSbots and Jack is the creator of them. ROSbots come with ROS and OpenCV installed on a Raspberry Pi onboard the robot, ready for the user to create applications for