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You probably know the Sphero robot. It is a small robot with the shape of a ball. In case that you have one, you must know that it is possible to control it using ROS, by installing in your computer the Sphero ROS packages developed by Melonee Wise and connecting to the robot using the bluetooth

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This is the second robot in a row that we are presenting for easy simulation inside The Construct. Husky robot is a wheeled robot created by Clearpath Robotics for all terrain and comes with different configurations. We have included this robot in our list of easy launches. Hence, in order to simulate the robot you only

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Many people requests us to explain how to launch Tiago robot from Pal Robotics into The Construct. Actually there is a very easy way of doing it, and, thanks to Jordi Pagés from Pal Robotics and José Capriles from The Construct, it is even possible to have Tiago grasping and navigating along a home with


In this post you are going to learn: How to build a simple differential drive simulation in Gazebo simulator. How to add a plugin to the model to allow ROS commands to the robot How to move the robot through ROS topics For this purpose you need to download this file which contain the basic structure to start. We are going

There are magnificent tutorials about how to create plugins for Gazebo in the GazeboSim webpage. There are even some tutorials about how to create plugins for Gazebo + ROS. Those tutorials show that there are several types of plugins (world, model, sensor, system, visual), and indicate how to create a plugin for a world type plugin.