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Call for ROS Ambassadors

----------- Robot Ignite Academy ----------

Robot Ignite Academy is looking for highly motivated people interested in holding a Meetup about How to learn/teach ROS fast.

Selected candidates will have full free access to all the Robot Ignite Academy courses (among other benefits).

The ideal candidate would be:

• Highly interested in ROS
• Have a high degree of independence and flexibility
• Wants to get out of his/her comfort zone and learn new skills
No prior knowledge of ROS required! (you will have to learn it using the Academy)

Your duties as ROS ambassador will be:

1. Learn how to hold an effective MeetUp
2. Select a specific location for holding the MeetUp
3. Coordinate your MeetUp with the rest of the team
4. Prepare the MeetUp material in advance
5. Promote the MeetUp around your city
6. Hold the MeetUp at your selected place
7. Take pictures during the event
8. Post the pictures at the MeetUp channel

You will have to hold a MeetUp once every two weeks, until you decide it is enough

What we offer:

• Full access to the Robot Ignite Academy
• Education in how to teach about ROS and robotics
• To achieve a ROS Instructor certificate
• To build a career teaching ROS and robotics
• To be part of a vibrant robot educators group

How to apply for ROS ambassador:

1. Sends us an email requesting to be part of the program
2. We will interview you to learn about your motivations
3. After we confirm your application, you will get free access to our ROS courses and MeetUp platform

To apply, please send your application letter to with ROS Ambassador in the subject line.

Please do not send your CV!

* Deadline for applications: none
* Number of applications available: unlimited

Waiting you to be part of our Robot Educators Team!