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Learn to Develop for Robots with ROS

Master ROS Skills and Become a Robotics Developer

Wenkai Ren</br><font size=1px>MS Field of StudyRobotic Engineering</font>

Wenkai Ren
MS Field of StudyRobotic Engineering

"I think this is one of the best ROS website that I have been experienced, some of the detailed information have been explained very well, especially with the simulator demo, I have been studying robotics for almost 2 years, and I would definitely recommend people with or without experience to learn some solid ROS skills from The Construct."

Tri Cao</br><font size=1px>Software Engineer</font>

Tri Cao
Software Engineer

"After trying the first course, I enjoy a lot the learning environment provided by The Construct. Although I don't have much experience, I think this is the best ROS learning experience available."

Shashank Ravindra</br><font size=1px>Robotics Engineer</font>

Shashank Ravindra
Robotics Engineer

"The main reason for my subscription is the platform is developing the content library every time. And brings theoretical and practice at one which has been helping me a lot. Now I'm more determined to learn and program! The courses are so much better than another course out there."

Nishanth Kn</br><font size=1px>Project Manger at Applause</font>

Nishanth Kn
Project Manger at Applause

"I am a self driving car student and my capstone project needed ROS and found out that Robot Ignite Academy was the best among all the resources."

Salem Almarri</br><font size=1px>Member at Emirates Robotics Club</font>

Salem Almarri
Member at Emirates Robotics Club

"The guide is clear for learning unlike the guide found in Wiki (80% of effort is spent on installing the system rather than learning it). The platform teaches how to use the tools, and the importance of each tool to construct a knowledge base that would allow me to go on my own afterwards."

Guillermo Castillo</br><font size=1px>Master Student of Electrical Engineering</font>

Guillermo Castillo
Master Student of Electrical Engineering

"Everything included in only one place. It is really convenient to have access to the linux shell, python IDE and the simulation environment in the same window. Also, the tutorials are really useful which go direct to the important things and give you the opportunity to practice everything as you learn it. Congratulation for your great work!"